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How to get to St. Petersburg from Helsinki

How to get to St. Petersburg from Helsinki?
I am from Malaysia. I wish to go to St. Petersburg and Moscow but don't seem to get any flights on budget airlines operating from London. Is Helsinki a cheap point to travel to St. Petersburg, by bus or train? How long does it take? Any reliable tour companies that you recommend for these places. We are on a budget. Thanks.
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Hi, you can go to Saint Petersburg from Helsinki by 2 trains: 7:23 a.m from Finland, in 2:05 p.m arriving to Saint Petersburg. And another - 3:23 p.m from Helsinki and 10:28 p.m you will be in Saint Petersburg. I think, it`s better, then fly by plane or go by bus.
2 :
There are trains and ships from Helsinki to St Petersburg.For examle there are two trains one is called "Sibelius 35",the other "Repin 33".Duration of the journey 6h.Visit

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