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St. Petersburg Russia, Request info about going there.

St. Petersburg Russia, Request info about going there.?
Request info about going to St. Petersburg. Visa's, transportation, hotels, or other places to stay, what to see, eat, and whatever. Will be in Paris, 15 to 21 June for the airshow. Then to St. Petersburg. Looking for cheap flight information. Both to Europe and within Europe. Need web sites for discount airlines in Europe etc.. Thanks Much
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If you're going alone, make sure to bring lots and lots of condoms and extra cash. The women there are absolutely gorgeous. When I was there, most of the sightseeing I did was under the sheets, so I can't really help you there. Oh yeah, did I mention to bring a lot of condoms? You don't want your offspring roaming around all over the globe without a father. And don't go there in the winter. You will die from the cold.
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hi just returned from st petersburg. start with the Russian embasy. Go to see your travel agency. Do you live in the UK? Get a fixed price package tour. Try intourist u need a visa. use The Visa serviceweb site
3 : - general info about the city. - cite of a hotel in St.Petersburg with lots of info. It' a very beautiful city, but in June it will be overcrowded. That's why it's better to find the hotel beforehand. You should visit the Hermitage and suburban palaces and try to walk a lot to feel the spirit of the city. Go to the Peterhofe by the boat that goes from the Palace embankment (near the Hermitage) and you will see really fantastic views. In St. Petersburg there are many restaurants. So you' ll find smth on your taste. Try pancakes - traditional snack. I can recommend you a very good guide in St.Petersburg. She is a great speaker and she knows everything about the city. And it's important she is intelligent. Her name is Ana : Good luck

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