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Would you take AEROFLOT (Russian airliner) ??? Give me reasons why you would or would not.

Would you take AEROFLOT (Russian airliner) ??? Give me reasons why you would or would not.?
I often hear bad things about AEROFLOT, Russian airliner, but would you take an AEROFLOT flight internationally and a domestic flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow? Would you feel comfortable? Pls give me all the reasons why you would take or would not take AEROFLOT. Also, what is the weather/temperature like in Moscow and St. Petersburg during the first week of September (like till September 6th)?? Any opinion would be appreciated ... thanks.
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1 :
No. My Russian contacts try to avoid it. That's reason enough for me.
2 :
I often take this airlines. I personally do not have complaints. But For travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg, I recommend using the train. Faster and more convenient.
3 :
I would not say nothing bad about this company. Just it's expensive. Usually more expensive than other companies. The weather can be different. Russian climat is crazy. It can be +25 and sunny in september as well as +5 and raining...or even snowing :D
4 :
When it's your time to die, you will die, it does not matter if it's Qantas, United, Lufthansa, Thai, Aeroflot or Easy Taliban Airways, the budget airline of Afghanistan ( just kidding). :))) Why worry about which airline to take? Aeroflot has improved its' services since the last decade. My philosophy is, if it's allowed to fly up there, then it must be safe. I've taken planes whose seatbelts don't even work in Central Asia and North Africa. So I flew several times with no seat belts on. I'm still alive. :D
5 :
I would only use Aeroflot when traveling directly from US (NY and DC) to Moscow. The service is ok, food is good, planes are well kept. Using Aeroflot domestically in Russia is horrible. You feel like you are on a bus to Calcutta. I would strong suggest to travel by train between Moscow and St. Petersburg. It's convenient, cheaper, less hassle, and you get to see the countryside. The train stations are located in the heart of both cities, so you wont have to deal with traveling between airports and getting scammed by taxi drivers. There are overnight trains and bullet trains that can get you between two cities anywhere from 4.5 - 8 hours. Beginning of September the weather is still very nice. Even though nights could get pretty cool, overall it is still warm.
6 :
I have used AEROFLOT and I had no trouble.
7 :
yes its my favorite their pilots are very well military trained! Smooth landings and takeoffs and rollouts all the time great pilots i took a few other airlines like delta and ugh poor pilots
8 :
Aeroflot have an excellent safety record nowadays and i've used them without any problems. I personally wouldn't fly domestically in Russia with any airline in Winter, but September is fine. Early September would be a good time to visit (June is the best), but leave it any later and Moscow Autumns can become very grey.

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