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How do I get to St Petersburg cheap

How do I get to St Petersburg cheap?
I'm trying to figure how to get to St Petersburg from Rome or London without spending a full plane fare (usually 200 to 400 euros). I heard that you can fly into the Baltic states for cheap prices and then take a train or coach from there, again saving great dough (the journey is supposed to be very uncomfortable, but that's no bother). Does anyone have any information regarding coach lines or trains that go to St Petersburg from other European states? And booking a flight early is not an option at the moment, so spare that counsel. Hitch-hiking is also a very unwelcome suggestion. Thanks!
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well, find the cheapest flight (be sure to have a visa for russia) to warsaw, vilnius, helsinki, etc. you can see rail tickets online. rzd is russian railroads. they should have prices coming from cities they serve. ukraine has cheaper trains than poland, baltics, etc. as for comfort, even when trains were very basic in the '90s, a 20 hour trip was far from uncomfortable. and that was after a 4 and 10 hour flight from usa. the distances are long and usually trains are not "seats" but benches- beds, that you can just lie down on and rest for the trip. they are very comfortable now, always warm, etc. bring your own food- (buy in the city before boarding the train) that way you won't have to leave your bags to go to the restaurant car. plus, it is cheaper...
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The cheapest is flying with Easyjet, Ryanair, and other low cost companies, all the way to Helsinki, Finland. From there, you can take a regular ferry or fast boat going to St. Petersburg, or even the bus with Eurolines. Buses are very cheap. With Eurolines it costs roughly 30-35 dollars. Better check the Eurolines office in Helsinki. 200-400 euros is not such big money considering you don't want to book early. That means you have to be ready to pay for regular airfare. You could get direct flights with major companies like British Airways or Airfrance (via Paris), for less than 300 euros, depending when you book it, which agency you ask, and that's back and fourth. You don't have to book early, provided it's not peak season like Christmas, Easter, and other holidays. Not unless you want to visit Helsinki or Tallinn, Estonia, I don't think the inconvenience is worth saving a few bucks. I think 400 euros and under is not a bad price.

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