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How can I visit Saint Petersburg, Russia or Moldova from California

How can I visit Saint Petersburg, Russia or Moldova from California?
When I get older I want to visit these two countries. I want to go to Moldova because of a close friend. However, my heart remains in St.Petersburg. Right now, I'm 17 and when I grow up I want to visit these places. Also, I'm from San Jose, when we went to San Francisco I did not see these places on the flight. I only see them in Asia.
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You could do volunteering work there, or try and find a job. Or, if you have the financial means, you could take a long holiday. There are really lots of ways you could do it, take a look here for further information - I'm not sure how reputable this website is having never used it but it may be worth looking at - And a tip for you would be, seeing as you seem to have plenty of time, to try and learn some Russian, at least to a basic conversational level - this way you'll find it less problematic to perform basic tasks such as finding what you want in a shop or buying train tickets. Try this website for learning the language - (Investing in a book that you can read when you want to may also be a good idea, such as this - )
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You can do 3-D virtual tours on Bing or you can download Google EARTH and do virtual tours of any place in the world
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so you did not found flights from SJC or SFO to those two countries? I would then recommend to do connecting flights via other states,I'm sure there are flights to russsia from other states here in the united states I'm also from San Jose!.

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