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Would you believe this? El Zorro & Mr. Bush had a conversation and,,,,

Would you believe this? El Zorro & Mr. Bush had a conversation and,,,,?
'Amnesty' dead, Fox tells Mexicans Says Bush told him no chance for legislation this year World Net Daily | July 21 2006 Mexican President Vicente Fox told radio listeners in his country that the idea of an amnesty for illegal aliens in the U.S. is dead รข€“ at least for a time. Fox said President Bush advised him of the political realities of passing his "comprehensive immigration reform plan" this year during a flight from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Madrid, Spain. Congress will shortly be adjourning until the November election. Fox said Bush "pointed out that this period is very short, there are only two or three weeks before Congress members go on the election campaign. So the chance of the immigration issue reaching approval in the House of Representatives and reaching join approval isn't very high." A White House spokesman acknowledged Bush made the comment to Fox, but said that doesn't mean the president won't be back promoting his immigration plan before the end of the year.
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Maybe the answer is just enforcement, no new legislation. Get the border fence built, start chartering buses, and taking/sending people home. Work out a deal with Greyhound, free 1-way ticket or 120 days in jail followed by a forced trip to Mexico with a 10-year bar on coming back... Mexico's kind of a disappointment, as far as I'm concerned, they've only half-tried to do anything about this issue with us, and mostly to their economic benefit. They really need to fix their own country, and stop leeching off of ours...
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Mexico's largest single source of income, larger than Pemex, is the cash sent back to Mexico by illegal immigrants.. Not only are illegal immigrants keeping Mexico from going bankrupt, if all those illegals returned to Mexico they would be unemployed and Mexico would probably fall into chaos due to civil unrest.. Mexico is promoting & supporting this illegal emigration as much as she can...
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gokart121's plan sounds good
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Yes indeed, I read about that ... there won't be anything done on the immigration reform before the election ... our elected so called representatives will be sitting on the fence and see what way the wind blows before they make up their minds ... they're really in a bit of a pickle when you think of it ... on the one hand, Bush has already signed the open borders treaty with Canada and Mexico, and big business are baying for cheap slave labor ... on the other hand, citizens pplpare outraged and demand their country and their rights back ... anyone who thinks either this government or big business gives two craps about illegals or their so called plight is seriously delusional ... for the cowards in Congress it really only does come down to two choices ... do what the Pres and big business has already committed them to ... or appease an irate electorate with a view to being re elected ... either way, the illegals are only a tool in their game, and this is why it is so goddamn important that before we do anything else, we go out en masse and vote for ANY anti illegal in the upcoming election ... anti illegals of ANY party, or no party ... that WOULD send a strong message - they won't change anything for the good of America and her citizens, but like the cowards they are, they don't want to lose their jobs, and they will go the way the wind is blowing them ....
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My one Senator has told me the same thing. It seem that the people of this nation are not much being listened to by the senate or the President these days. I say it's time we do something about it! The reason we are unsuccessful in doing so is because of you knot head, hard core Reps. and Dems. who insist on battling it out with each other all the time. Once and for all, we need to come together as citizens of this country and make these politicians understand that they work for us!
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