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flying to st. petersburg

flying to st. petersburg?
hi! does anyone know for cheep flights( up to 300$) from venice, milano, trieste or wiena to St. Petersburg????? thanks for help!! bye! the dates: 29.03.07 to st. pete and 07.04.07 back!
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You forgot to mention the dates you have to fly.. is it one way ticket or you also have to come back from St. Petersburg. Did you make the Visa already? It will cost a lot that too, the lcoser to the departure date the highest is the cost of the visa to russia. Then you need invitation or you have to book an hotel.
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No Cheap direct flights to Russia. Ryanair has a cheap flight from Trieste to London Stanstead, but you are still worse than 400 dollars return from there. The cheapest and reasonable convenient way would be to find a cheap flight from Vienna or Milan or even cheaper from Prague (all have direct) to Helsinki Finland and a 5 hour train from there. Info of the train can be found at station is connected with the airport. Do visit the city i think in the summer it is the most beatiful in europe.
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Hi! cheap flights???? woww....the only thing that I know is that if you are at Linate or La Malpensa (Milano) you can take "Finnnair" directly to St. Petersburg, and....please, avoid "Aeroflot" (Russian) if you want to remain alive.... Bye and good luck!!!
4 :
You can make it in under $300 (actually at about 240 Euros) roundtrip if you a flexible with dates and are not afraid to fly discount airlines (WindJet from Bologna or AirBerlin from Milan/Bergamo or Vienna) -

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