Sunday, June 14, 2009

What to do on a 24 hour plane flight

What to do on a 24 hour plane flight?
I'm going to Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia) and I was wondering what I should do? And before it's said, I'm not going to join the mile high club. I can't sleep on a plane. They scare the sh** out of me.
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1 :
2 :
Sleep. Read. Count sheep.
3 :
read, eat, sleep
4 :
Sleep, read, eat, watch a movie.
5 :
Read, sleep, talk to the person next to you, watch funny vids (shane dawson is funny but innapropriate), or facebook.
6 :
Go on your Laptop, listen to your MP3, look out the window till you get tired and fall asleep.
7 :
Take some magnetic board games, playing cards, puzzle books, magazines and a novel. Take advantage of the on flight movies and listen to the music on the headphones.
8 :
It's time for the search of "MY 24hour HOT GIRLFRIEND" hahaha just joking. Drink a liquor that'll help you sleep the rest of the ride
9 :
Stay up for 24 hours before the flight & you will sleep during the flight.
10 :
Eat Sleep Read Watch the movie Bring crossword puzzle books along to do on the flight

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