Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another math help!!!

Another math help!!!?
please help and think you so much! 1. James is wrapping a gift and wraps 2 pieces of ribbon all the way around the box as shown with no overlapping. How mayne centimeters of ribbon does he use?(Rectangular Length-76cm, Width-37cm and height-16 cm 2.A young aviator named Tony Jannus piloted the first passenger service flight between Tamps and St. Petersburg on January 1, 1914. The trip was scheduled for 22minutes, but the plane had to stop for a minor repair on the way. The distance from Tamps to St.Petersburg is about 17 miles. If the flight had gone s planned, about how fast would the plane have been traveling in miles per hour? 3.A Certain type of sunfish found in freshwater lakes throughout Florida measures 10.8 centimeters at 2 years old. At 6 years old, this ame fish measures 23.4 centimeters long. At this rate, how many centimeters does this type of fish grow over a 4- month period? 4.Josh knows that if he bicycles at 25 miles per hour, he burns about 20 calories per minute. He ate a 75- calorie lunch in the school cafeterias. How many minutes must Josh bicycle to burn 372 calories? or almost half of the calories that he took in during lunch? 5.A female bottle nosed dolphin sws t 35 miles per hour 75 miles miles off th coast of southern florida. How many miles does she travel in 1.8 mintues 6.Gene is mapping ouut the beats to a song with dots. each dot represents 8 counts of music, and 30 seconds of the song is represented by 6 dots. A slow song runs at about 64 counts per minute,and a fast song runs at about 196 counts per minute. The song that Gene is mapping runs at how any counts per minute? Would it be classified as a moderately slow song or a moderately fast song? Explain Please show work and how you did it. please and thanks you(: Thank you so much for people you helped me or if your going to help.
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1. can not be answered the way it was written, was it wrapped long ways or short ways or both? all you have to do is double each number and then add them together for each direction it is wrapped. 2. it would have traveled at 46.36 miles per hour 3. it grows 2.1 cm per four months 4. 18.6 minutes at 25 miles per hour 5. it travels at 1.05 miles per 1.8 minutes 6. it is relatively a slow song because it has 96 beats per minute...

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