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Connecting Flights in Moscow Russia Airport

Connecting Flights in Moscow Russia Airport?
I am arriving on an international flight from the US, I will go through customs and connect to Aeroflot to travel to St. Petersburg, I understand the domestic flight will be in another terminal. How do I find this terminal and how will I get there.
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The Airport for flights to St. Petersburg is named Sheremetyevo 1 and is very close to international airport Sheremetyevo 2 international airport. http://www.waytorussia.net/Moscow/ArrivalDeparture.html As I remember from the past there was bus connection between 2 of them. The bus stop was right in front of Airport. And of course you can always take a taxi. If you end up going to Domodedovo airport. Its located far from Sheremetyevo. There are buses from that one also. But it would take you quite a long time to get to your destination.

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