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How far is Poland (Naleczow) from Russia

How far is Poland (Naleczow) from Russia?
From Naleczow to St. Petersburg or Moscow. Is there a flight, and approximately how long would it be? I'm thinking of going to Naleczow for a summer programme (music), then dropping by Russia.
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Hello, I advice you to look at a map of Europe and you will get a pretty good picture of how far Poland is from Russia, better than I can give you! Get in contact with a travel agency for advice about flights from Naleczow to St. Petersburg, how long it will take and about possible discounts. Have a nice visit to Naleczow and I wish you a great summer!
2 :
I live very close to Naleczow in Puławy, and the closest airport would be Warsaw. And it takes us one and a half hours by car to go to Warsaw airport from Puławy. And the flight to St. Petersburg is not more than over one hour. If you want any details about how to get to Naleczow then send me a message as you will have to come to Puławy first to change buses and I could meet you and show you the right bus to catch, as my home is right next to the bus station and going by train is not the easiest option with Naleczow as the train station is quite a distance from the actual town of Naleczow. More info on Naleczow This was done by a friend of mine Trevor Butcher

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