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Is it safe for a 19 year old girl to travel to Russia by herself

Is it safe for a 19 year old girl to travel to Russia by herself?
I'm thinking about flying to St. Petersburg by myself but I don't speak Russian and I'll have a connecting flight in Moscow. Is it safe? Is it difficult?
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If it's a connecting flight, you'll most likely stay in the airport. That's fine. But don't travel outside. It's not too safe for a young girl.
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not safe at all, probably less dangerous in the day time like any big city in any part of the world. Being alone in a beautiful place like that probably wouldn't be any fun anyhow.
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Yes Moscow is much safer than its reputation and has a crime rate well below other major European or U.S. cities of comparable size. Murders per 100,000 of population Moscow -11,4 ( Dallas - 19 ( tips! Learning the Language! Cyrillic is the only in the metro stations. Some yeard ago the color of line were added to the info tables but all words are still in cyrillic only. Another discomfort you can have in the streets if you ask the way (streets name are in cyrillic as well), but I am sure that to find person who speaks English at least is not a problem.
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I'm from moscow and i wouldnt suggest for you to go alone.
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Hell no, it's not safe...specially if you're not white, skinheads wlak around beating up anyone who isn't white!!!
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Just try and plan your trip in advance, I don't think think you will have any problems.
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You ask several questions at the same time - 1° Emotional replies do not help - you have not more, not less risks in Peter and Moskow than anywhere else in western countries - so that if you're used to good reflexes they'll work in Russia as anywhere else 2° Take a domestic flight : you'll land in Pulkovo II ( say "tva" )- there's for sure a shuttle for Pulkovo 1 ( say "adeen"), domestic flights - loudspeakers are bilingual, russian-english - Between P1 and P2 there should be a free shuttle - once in Moscow try to discuss the price of taxis - a pencil and a sheet of paper = very useful otherwise Sheremetievo, and in a lesser proportion Domodiedovo ( I doubt you'll land there ) are far - about 25 miles. For your adress in Moscow write it in cyrillic on a sheet of paper, and in transliterated .
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If you are an ugly and obese gal then you can move anywhere you want to because no one will give a damn about you.
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yes its safe, dont listen to those racists who are just stereotypical. walk proud, wit ur chin up high and noone will bother u.

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