Monday, September 21, 2009

Does this guy like me? He told me he does not, but his actions say otherwise.

Does this guy like me? He told me he does not, but his actions say otherwise.?
My best friend, a Russian Man, told me that he was not interested in me as a woman but only as a friend. However he emails me almost every day when I went abroad. And during those times when I'm too busy or reluctant to write, he still writes me, talking about really serious things. It's not just the emails but when we are together he can't take his eyes off me. He came all the way from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg which is about a 10 hour flight, to visit me for 10 days before I left for Bombay. And he seems to be more concerned than my own family members about my well being. It touches me so much how he acts with me. I never had anybody who cared for me this much. I'm confused with his actions.
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Ask him out, thats the only way youll know for sure. Us guys are stupid, and we dont know how to give our true feelings to somebody we like. We get all awkward and stutter and contradict ourselves, because we dont know what to say, because we think anything we say will be wrong and scare you ladies away. In this case its up to you to find out, because hes not going to do it for you apparently. Definitely looks like hes into you, if not as a lover then at least as a very close, almost family-like friend. Either one is great to have.

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