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I booked flights with UsAir3000. A month later they called me to change the times on our round trip tics!!

I booked flights with UsAir3000. A month later they called me to change the times on our round trip tics!!?
Are they allowed to do this? I have a 8 day hotel stay at Disney in Orlando. Arrival in Orlando is now 6:40PM. Basically, a waste of 4 tickets for the day( for Disney). Departure from Orlando NOW has a stop in St. Petersburg- leaving us to arrive home at 11:15PM. I have two small children!! Our original itinerary had both flights non stop. The only comment made to me was... "We have changed our summer schedule, therefore, these are your new flights". That was it!!!! I didn't even know what to say!! Does anyone have advice for me?? P>S> Our friends with two small children are also booked on this flight with the same dilemma. Thanks in advance.
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Yes, they are allowed to this. THere's nothing you can do about it except go with the times they told you, or not go at all. I know it's a huge pain in the ass when they do this, but there's nothing you can do. Every trip I've went on the airline changes times. Your lucky they called you, we always had to call them to make sure we knew the times, or else we would've missed the flights.
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Yes, unfortunately airlines are allowed to do this. And you were lucky they did inform you because most of the time they won't. Do you have a travel agent? I would let them know the situation so they can call Disney and let them know. You could always take off the day of tickets that you won't be using, but if you have an 8 ticket, you will only be saving like $5.00. My only recommendations would be to call US Air and ask them what the change or canellation fee would be. Then see if you can find new flight either with US Air or another line. Many times airlines will change flight times and you can miss layovers and such, it can be a really bad situation. Hopefully you have travel protection on your trip. You may want to call them as well, because you may be able to get compensated for this, believe it or not some times they do cover these type situations. Hopefully you will be able to get the flights changed to something better. If not, my main recommendation would be to get a private transfer to the hotel and not using Magical Express. Even later at night, it can take several hours to get to your hotel using it. So if you go with a private transfer, it will only take about a half-hour and you will be able to get there a little quicker. But unfortunately in these situations there just isn't much that can be done. Sorry I couldn't help.
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USA3000 often changes or cancels flights suddenly; they're a small budget airline and they are new to the Orlando area, so I think they're still working out the kinks. They actually cancelled a flight for my mother-in-law who was visiting us in Orlando in October and we didn't know until we checked her flight the day before. They'd moved her to another airline with an even earlier flight, and we would have missed it if we hadn't checked. Unfortunately, they are allowed to do this. If you made your plans through Disney reservations you could try calling them and explaining the problem, but I don't know if that would help. You might also contact the airline and lodge a formal complaint, including the fact that you're paying for park tickets you now cannot use, because more than likely the parks will be closed that day before you get to/check in/get settled into your hotel.

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