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Travelling in Budapest and Hungary

Travelling in Budapest and Hungary?
I know that "there is no limit to how much time you can spend in Budapest and Prague" but... for a young woman travelling alone, how long is too long? Trying to book my flight but think that over two weeks might be too much for my first time there and not knowing a soul. Plus, this trip extends to 2 months in St. Petersburg. I'm just trying to travel a bit around East Central Europe before I leave.
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Been to both cities, you might want to take a little more time for Budapest though, Prague is a real 'compact' city. All the fun stuff is close to eachother. I don't know when you want to go, but if you're in Budapest during the sziget festival you have to see it. Best festival in Europe. Two weeks should be enough to explore both cities.
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Hi, Im half Hungarian, Half English and I go to Budapest about 6 times a year. I can honestly tell you that there are soooo many things you cannot leave without seeing! I can't tell you about Prague, but I can tell you approximatley how much time you need to see Budapest fully and what you have to see: Gellért Hill, all of the bridges, Margit Island, Opera House (see an opera or a ballet it is AMAZING),Mammut Mall, the Castle, Art Museum. These are VITAL this will take yu about a week and a half maybe 2 while giving you time to shop etc and rest... If you can afford it ( i don't meen to be rude, but it's quite pricey...) stay in the Gellért Hotel... and if you can't. atleats visit it's world famous Bath House... Hope this helps you! xxxxxxxxx PS: Have fun!
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I have been traveling and living in Hungary and in Budapest for over 30 years with my Hungarian husband and still feel as though I have only scratched the surface on things to do and see there. I have spent up to 1 1/2 years at a time there and never get tired of the place.It is my second home and soon it will be my permantent home. I can understand if you are traveling alone that you may feel strange but the people are very nice and helpful. You must go to a spa while there and maybe go in for a facial at a salon, they are sort of responable in price and they work on you for over an hour and a half. Check out this web-site for things to do in Budapest but don't forget, there are so many other things to do and see in Hungary besides staying in the city.
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Szia!!! hungary is seriously one of the most beautiful countries in the world! And there are limitless things to do in Budapest! I lived there for 11 months a year ago, and traveled the half hour into the city centre every day just to see the sights and chillax around. If you have common sense with you im sure you'll do fine!!! I was 16 when i went there and it is not hard to make your way around the city.. Get a travel card, or a pack of punch travel tickets (packs of 1-20 i think, punched every time you catch the certain form of public transport, but is a "universal" style ticket, where its the same for bus, metro, and "villamos"-tram). If you're staying close to the city centre, you will be fine! There are so many things to do! Buy a travel guide! The Lonely Planet guides are amazing! And try to pick up some Hungarian before you go.. Basic stuff to get you by just in case the person you are trying to get information off doesnt speak very clear english(highly likely). I really hope you like it. I absolutely loved it, and picked up all the info while i was there.. Being thrown head first is seriously the best way to do it! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want any basic phrases to get by! Hope i've helped! :) Good luck!!!!!!
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It depends- What would you like to see/try? If you want the typical, most famous sights, you can do a quick 5-7 days sight-seeing. If you want to relax and enjoy the spas, hotels, springs, etc etc etc, you can spend about 2 weeks, or even a month. For the cultural festivals, and events... well, again it depends on what you enjoy, and what are you interested in. Have fun!
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hey im hungarian!! the economy is very bad for us if we do go back its gona cost about half a million forints which is alot of money on airline tickets and all the thing for like food and other things thats another 700,000 forints for 2 months so idk if we'r going back. i luv hungary i miss living there.ohh and another thing we curse alot.
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I'm hungarian, but sadly I've never been. My grandparents' immagrated and had my mom, and 2 aunts! I hear all kinds of stories, and hope to visit Hungary, sometime! I've seen pictures, and it looks beautiful! Have a fabulous trip!

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