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How can I occupy my active quadruplets on an airplane

How can I occupy my active quadruplets on an airplane?
I have quadruplet girls that are 4 years old. I'm taking them on a trip for the summer to visit my family in St. Petersburg Russia (where I'm from originally). We live in Los Angeles now. I've never taken them on an airplane alone (my husband won't be going with us). They are sweet girls but they often get hyper and don't like to sit in one place for too long and I don't want them to disturb anyone, they also don't really like watching TV too much. Do you have suggestions on how to keep them occupied during the whole length of the flights and things I should definitely bring? (no mean and silly answers please)
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Can anyone go with you? Only because I am not aware of many planes with 5 seats in a row. You might get 2 near the window and 3 in the middle. You would have to sit in the aisle and reach accross to 2 of the girls. I know when my newhew travels, he likes to color and watch TV but since they do not like TV I am not sure what else to suggest besides some dolls. If you are not able to have someone else go with you, I would see if the airline can make special arrangements to maybe have a flight attendant help you. Good luck!

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